In this section, Joe offers three downloads, which are essential to anyone applying for a mortgage today.

1. Joe’s Mortgage Checklist: This list is complete with an explanation of why lenders are emphatic for certain documentation. It’s essential to read and follow this checklist carefully.
Joe’s Mortgage Checklist 2013

2. Joe’s Five Step Plan for Mortgage Approval: This plan is designed to help prepare borrowers for the loan application process. It covers the preparation for making loan application, and the core phases of the process. He also provides the top reasons why borrowers are declined, and covers the “Do’s and Don’t's” one needs to be aware of during the process.
The Five Step Mortgage Plan 2013

3. Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, and USDA Guidelines for Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Short-Sales, etc: This is a list of time-frames from Fannie Mae, FHA, VA, and USDA for when you can apply for a mortgage after a Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Short-Sale, Deed in Lieu, and Loan Modification. This list is a work in progress that changes rapidly. It is suggested that you contact Joe to be sure you have the latest version.
Foreclosure- Short-Sales – Deed in Lieu – Loan mods – Bankruptcy Guidelines 2013

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