Don't Be Denied Cover 091512 F.inddJoe Adamaitis launches “Don’t Be Denied”—A simple guide
to obtaining a mortgage in today’s lending environment.

Today’s lending environment follows on the heels of the worst 36 months of a boom-and-bust housing era, which has resulted in the government imposing huge regulatory hurdles on lenders of all types and sizes. It seems that when it comes to applying for a mortgage, want-to-be homeowners are asked for everything but their blood type and shoe size!

“Don’t Be Denied” is written in easy-to-understand language for today’s homebuyer. This book lays out the steps you can take to prepare yourself for the loan application process and successfully obtain a mortgage for your home.

Obtaining a home loan is not about being sold a mortgage— it’s about becoming educated on how to obtain a mortgage! By working with the right experts and learning how to navigate the new world of lending, you, too, can achieve the American dream.

You can purchase “Don’t Be Denied” at or directly through Joe’s publisher at

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